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Previously only building off-road and racing bikes, in the 90’s KTM decided to make a street bike. Falling into the supermoto or naked street bike category, the Duke line has enjoyed a very successful life. Built with the high standards that KTM has become known world-wide for, the Dukes are “ready to race” the moment you purchase one. Coming with exclusive factory installed high performance racing parts, the Duke line features name brands like Brembo Brake systems, Akrapovic Exhausts, Magura Hydraulic Clutches, WP Suspension, and much more. 


KTM Duke 990

In 2013, KTM designed the gorgeous little Duke 125 and set a new global standard by being the first manufacturer to produce a 125cc street bike with ABS.  Don’t let the diminutive size of this bike fool you. With its single cylinder, four stroke, liquid cooled, 125cc engine, this mighty little bike puts out a surprising amount of power. Its specially designed tubular steel frame gives it incredible rigidity while reducing weight. Weighing in at a mere 279.9 pounds, the Duke 125 is a perfect blend of power, weight, beauty, and balance.  The engineering love KTM put in this bike makes it a great choice for everyone from beginning riders to experienced stunters. 

KTM Duke 125

KTM 1290 Super Duke

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Duke 125 lies the “Beast”. Known as the Super Duke, the 1290 monster transforms maximum performance and razor sharp agility into the ultimate riding experience. Its 1301cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, 180 horsepower engine, combined with its Powder Coated Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame, PASC Slipper Clutch, 6-speed transmission, Brembo Brake System, and WP Fully Adjustable Suspension, make this bike a truly impressive work of mechanical art. 



KTM Duke Specs

Tires, Battery, and Spark Plug

KTM Duke 125 Specs

2014 125 Duke

Front Tires 110x70x17

Rear Tires 150x60x17

Battery YTX9-BS

Spark Plug LKAR8AI-9

KTM Duke 620 Specs

1996-1997 620 Duke

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 160x60x17

Battery GTX9BS

Spark Plug DR8EA

KTM Duke 640 Specs

1998-2004 640 Duke

Front Tires 110x90x17

Rear Tires 160x60x17

Battery GTX9BS (1998-2002)

Battery YTZ10S (2003-2004)

Spark Plug DR8EA

KTM Duke 690 Specs

2007-2013 690 Duke

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 160x60x17

Battery 76011053100

Spark Plug LMAR7A-9

KTM Duke 990 Specs

2005-2013  990 Super Duke

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 180x55x17

Battery YTZ14S

Spark Plug KR8DI

KTM Duke 1290 Specs

2014 1290 Super Duke

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 190x50x17

Battery YTX14-BS

Spark Plug LMAR7A-9