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2014 Honda CBR250R

In 2011, Honda decided to make a smaller version of their extremely popular CBR sport bikes, and produced the CBR250R. Also available as a CBR250RA or ABS equipped, the little 250 became immediately popular with beginning riders who needed a lighter bike to learn on.  Able to cruise at highway speeds and having a surprising amount of power for its size, many experienced riders started buying them for their incredible fuel economy. It’s lightweight ergonomic body, comfortable riding position, and PGM-FI makes the CBR250R a great running, beautiful little bike.

Honda CBR250R Red

Honda CBR 250 White

In 2013, Honda redefined the middleweight bike class with the brand new CBR500R. With its 471cc, liquid cooled, Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), DOHC, 8-valve engine; this bike delivers in true Honda fashion with a tidy 50 horse power off the showroom floor.  With its full fairing body and three color options, (Red, Black, and White) the CBR500R has style to match its performance. Safety is a huge priority with Honda, and the CBR500 also comes with Honda’s unique Electronic Combined ABS available in the CBR500RA version.

The CBR500R has a full line of Genuine Honda OEM accessories which includes a wide range of carbon-look body panels, a sport screen, rear tire hugger, tank pads, and passenger seat cowls.

Honda CBR Specs

Tires, Battery, and Spark Plug

Honda CBR 250 Specs

20011-2013 CBR 250 RR

Front Tires 110x70x17

Rear Tires 140x70x17

Battery YTX7L-BS

Spark Plug SIMR8A9

Honda CBR 250 Specs

20011-2013 CBR 250 RA (ABS)

Front Tires 110x70x17

Rear Tires 140x70x17

Battery YTX7L-BS

Spark Plug SIMR8A9

Honda CBR 500 Specs

2013-2014 CBR500 R/RA

(With ABS)

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 160x60x17

Battery YTZ10S

Spark Plug CPR8EA-9

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