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In 2000, BRP started making a variety of Sea-Doo models including the new RX. Still powered by a 2-stroke engine, it was offered with a carbureted and DI (Direct Injection) version. It was a two-passenger ski with a completely new body style that made it quite a bit heavier than the other Sea-Doo models. It remained unchanged until 2004 when its 2-stroke engine was discontinued for the new 4-Tec super charged monstrosity. Renaming the new 2004 a RXP, BRP used the same basic 4-Tec motor from the G-Series but with performance modifications. The biggest difference between the two motors was the RXP has a completely redesigned, faster spinning super-charger giving the RXP a claimed 215 horse power compared to the G-Series 185 ponies. 

sea-doo rxp

sea-doo rxp

In 2005, BRP added a three-seater version to the R-Series line. Naming it the RXT, it was powered by the same 215 horse power, super-charged 4-Tec engine as the RXP. With its three-person design, it had to have a completely different, larger hull due to it weighing 79 lbs. heavier than the RXP.


In 2009, BRP introduced several huge new features to their Seadoos. The Intelligent Suspension, (iS) Intelligent Throttle Control, (iTC) Variable Trim System, (VTS) and the big one, Intelligent Brake and Reverse, (iBR) all worked together to put Seadoo way ahead of all of their competition. In 2012 BRP added something to Seadoo to make all these features work together better. The Intelligent Control, or iC took information from all these systems and fed it into a newly redesigned ECU making Seadoos even more safe and user friendly. It was such a good design that in 2012 the iControl became a standard feature on every Seadoo BRP produced.

sea-doo rxp

sea-doo rxp

The R-Series 4-Tec motor received some revisions in 2010 which boosted its output to an even 260 horse power. In 2012 BRP added a new safety feature to the R-Series. They designed a new Ergolock Seat System allowing riders to lock their seats into a fixed position, maximizing safety at the wicked speeds this Sea-Doo line was able to obtain. The Sea-Doo R-Series is such a well-designed machine that it didn’t really see any major changes in 2013 and 2014.


Sea-Doo R-Series Specs

2014 Models

RXT 260 Specs

•    Color: Viper Red
•    Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
•    Dry Weight: 824 lbs.
•    VTS: High Performance Pre-set
•    Depth Finder: Optional
•    Storage Capacity: 13.7 gal.
•    Ski Tow Eye
•    iBR equipped
•    Seat: Racing
•    D.E.S.S. equipped

RXT-X 260 & RXT-X aS 260

•    Color: Viper Red
•    Weight Capacity: RXT-X, 600 lbs.
•    Weight Capacity: RXT-X aS, 500 lbs.
•    Dry Weight: RXT-X, 834 lbs.
•    Dry Weight: RXT-X aS, 975 lbs.
•    VTS: High Performance Pre-set
•    Depth Finder: Optional
•    Storage Capacity: RTX-X, 13.7 gal.
•    Storage Capacity: RTX-X aS, 16.4 gal.
•    Ski Tow Eye
•    iBR equipped
•    Seat: Racing with X coloration
•    D.E.S.S. equipped


RXP-X 260 Specs

•    Color: Viper Red
•    Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
•    Dry Weight: 812 lbs.
•    VTS: High Performance Pre-set
•    Depth Finder: Optional
•    Storage Capacity: 30.8 gal.
•    Tow Hook
•    iBR equipped
•    Seat: Racing with Ergolock
•    D.E.S.S. equipped




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