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Polaris Sportsman ACE Parts & Specs


What do you get when you combine the size and handling characteristics of an ATV with the safety and comfort of a Side x Side? Polaris answered this question by creating a new offroad market with the introduction of the Polaris ACE. Since the ACE is the first of it's kind we're not sure what to call it, so we just refer to it as "The most fun you can have on four wheels"! 

polaris ace

polaris ace

The ACE is powered by the new Fuel Injection Pro-Star Single Cylinder 4 Stroke. With 32 hp on tap the ACE has more than enough power for even the toughest trails. To transfer the power to the ground the ACE has the time tested On Demand True All Wheel Drive system that is found in all the popular Polaris offroad vehicles. The system automatically engages the all wheel drive system when more traction is needed than switches back without requiring any input from the rider. 

They say big things come in small packages and the ACE is no exception to the rule. It may be small but don't let the size fool you, the ACE has a towing capacity of 1500 lbs. and a payload capacity of 575 lbs. The Ace also comes standard with a 1.25" receive and storage front and rear. The front storage has a 2.8 gal semi-dry under hood storage compartment while the rear has a cargo box with tie-down rails and the ability to attach any on the Polaris Lock & Ride accessories.  

Polaris is know for producing some of the smoothest riding offroad vehicles on the market. To provide a comfortable ride for even the harshest conditions the Ace is equipped with independent suspension front and rear. The front uses MacPherson Struts With 8.2" travel and the rear has a double A-Arm setup with 9.5" of travel. With 10.25" of ground clearance the Ace can tackle the toughest trails providing an extremely smooth ride even in the harshest conditions

The Polaris OEM Accessory catalog will include most of the genuine accessories found o the full size UTV's. The ACE will have the convenient Lock & Ride system that allows you to install windshields, doors, roofs, and cargo boxes and many other accessories in just a few minutes.

If your in the market for a new offroad rig and can't decide between ATV or UTV the ACE may be the answer. With the smaller wheel base the ACE easier to navigate than a full-size UTV while providing way more protection than a standard ATV. The Ace is sure to be a success with riders new to the sport and folks that have been riding ATV's since they had 3 wheels.