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sea-doo spark

Sea-Doo Spark Red

BRP did something this year that no one thought possible, they made a light-weight, super fun, customizable Sea-Doo that won’t break your pocket book to purchase. Brand new in 2014 and creating an entirely new class of personal watercraft, the “Rec Lite” Spark is a one of a kind machine. With the base model starting out at $4,999 compared to the GTX125 Limited’s price tag of $14,499, BRP is crushing the market’s sales with this beautifully designed little machine.

Sea-Doo Spark Green

Sea-Doo Spark Orange

Featuring more customizability than any Sea-Doo previous manufactured, the Spark has it all. With its five different color choices, twenty graphic kits, two different engines, 2up or 3up seating arrangements, and multiple storage bin options, you can buy one of these beauties and truly make it your own. It’s also so lightweight that it can be towed effortlessly by most compact sedans on the roads today.


Sea-Doo Spark Specs

2014 Models



Spark 2up Specs

•    Color: Vanilla, Licorice, Pineapple, Bubble Gum, and Orange Crush
•    Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
•    Dry Weight: 405 lbs.
•    VTS: None
•    Depth Finder: Optional
•    Storage Capacity: .42 gal.
•    Tow Hook
•    Optional Manual Reverse or iBR System
•    D.E.S.S.  None

Spark 3up Specs

•    Color: Vanilla, Licorice, Pineapple, Bubble Gum, and Orange Crush
•    Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
•    Dry Weight: 421 lbs.
•    VTS: None
•    Depth Finder: Optional
•    Storage Capacity: .42 gal.
•    Tow Hook
•    Optional Manual Reverse or iBR System
•    D.E.S.S.  None