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In 1998, Yamaha wanting to build a new super sport bike, gave its designers three specific design parameters; one, make the highest horse power possible; two, to be as lightweight as possible; and three, have the smallest dimensions possible. The final product of their labor was the beautiful and powerful YZFR1. Yamaha has described the launch of the R1 as, “The true value of Kando”. Kando, pronounced “caan-due” is one who excels in an activity to a level of such proficiency as to make the opposition and fellow teammates alike appear mentally challenged; to perform an activity with ridiculous skill and finesse. While Japanese competitors were only building 900cc bikes, the 150 horse power 998cc R1 gave Yamaha quite a lead in the super-bike world.

2002 Yamaha R1 Silver

YZFR1, 1998-1999

•    998cc
•    Inline 4-cylinder
•    DOHC
•    5-valve Genesis
•    20 total valves
•    11.8:1 compression ratio
•    150 horse power
•    6-speed transmission
•    Top speed of 168 mph
•    Weighed 419 lbs.

YZFR1, 2000-2001

•    Minor changes to reduce weight and increase handling
•    Revised body work to more modern styling and increased air flow
•    New Air Induction system
•    Weighed 414 lbs.
•    To resolve transmission issues on the first version, the gearbox received a taller first gear, a hollow chrome-moly shift-shaft with an additional bearing, and a completely redesigned shift linkage and foot pedal

2006 Yamaha R1 Yellow

YZFR1, 2002-2003

•    Redesigned fuel injection system
•    Boosted horse power to 152
•    Updated cylinder sleeves to a high silicon and magnesium content alloy that minimized heat induced distortion, reducing oil consumption
•    New “Deltabox III” frame improved rigidity by 30%
•    Titanium exhaust

YZFR1, 2004-2005

•    Redesigned engine and body
•    New engine was no longer used as a stress member portion of the frame
•    Ram-Air intake
•    Horse power increased to 172
•    Under-tail exhaust
•    Radial brakes
•    Factory installed steering damper
•    Weight reduced to 379 lbs.

2006 Yamaha R1 50th Anniversary Special Edition

YZFR1, 2006

•    Boosted horse power to 180
•    Extended the swingarm for improved handling

•    YZFR1, 2006 Special Edition
•    50th anniversary special edition
•    Yamaha Racing colors
•    Ohilins suspension
•    Custom forged aluminum Marchesini wheels
•    Back torque-limiting slipper clutch
•    Integrated lap timer

2014 Yamaha R1 Blue

YZFR1, 2007-2008

•    Completely new engine
•    998cc
•    Inline, 4-cylinder
•    DOHC
•    16 valves
•    YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Control Intake)
•    YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Control Throttle
•    177.6 horse power
•    New all aluminum Deltabox frame and swingarm
•    6-piston, radial-mount front brake calipers with 310mm rotors

YZFR1, 2009-2014

•    Titanium valves
•    Cross plane crankshaft
•    D-mode Throttle Control Valve mapping
•    Three distinct maps for rider’s choice based off of environment
•    179.6 horse power
•    Magnesium sub-frame
•    Electronic steering damper
•    Traction control introduced in 2012
•    176.7 mph

Yamaha YZF-R1 Specs

Tires, Battery, and Spark Plug

Yamaha R1 Specs

1998-2003 YZFR1

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 190x50x17

Battery YT12B-BS

Spark Plug CR9E (1998-2001)

Spark Plug CR9EIA-9 (2002-2003)

Yamaha R1 Specs

2004-2014 YZFR1

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 190x50x17

Battery YTZ10S

Spark Plug CR9EK (2004-2008)

Spark Plug LMAR9E-J (2009-2014)

Yamaha R1 Specs

2006 YZFR1 LE (Limited Edition)

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 190x50x17

Battery YTZ10S

Spark Plug CR9EK

Yamaha R1 Specs

2006 YZFR1 SP

(50th Anniversary Edition)

Front Tires 120x70x17

Rear Tires 190x50x17

Battery YTZ10S

Spark Plug CR9EK

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