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Considered by most to be the original Power Cruiser, the Yamaha V-Max is the muscle car of the motorcycle world. With its bulky body but massive motor, the first generation V-Max was like trying to ride a Lay-Z-Boy power by a tornado. In production now for almost 30 years, the V-Max has really only gone through one major revision.

In 2008, Yamaha decided that after 23 years without any major upgrades or changes, the V-Max needed some love. Completely redesigning it for its release in 2009, Yamaha took what was already a wicked bike and made it even more awesome. They started with the body by completely re-creating a new lightweight aluminum frame and swing arm, installing Brembo master cylinders with high performance wave-style rotors, added ABS, replaced the suspension with fully adjustable front forks and rear shock, revised the style to have a more modern look, and equipped it with wider, aggressive sport-bike tires. With all these upgrades to the handling performance, Yamaha decided they couldn’t use the same old motor to power their new beauty, so they created a fire breathing 197 horse power monster to do the job.

The V-Max definitely is not for the faint of heart. To put the power of this titan into perspective, the new V-Max is cranking out the same 197 horse power as Suzuki’s Hyper-sport Hayabusa.

Yamaha V-Max

V-Max, 1985-2008

•    First Generation
•    The Original Power Cruiser
•    1197cc
•    Liquid cooled
•    DOHC
•    Four valves per cylinder
•    70 degree, V-4
•    133 horse power
•    Futuristic styling
•    Soft suspension
•    Signature “V-Boost” system (Opens butterfly valves in the intake manifold between the 1st and 2nd and between the 3rd and 4th cylinders starting from 5,750 rpm. This system adds 10 percent horse power to the top-end power rating.)

2012 Yamaha V-Max

V-Max, 2009-2014

•    Second Generation
•    All new body and engine
•    1679cc
•    Liquid cooled
•    DOHC
•    65 degree V-4
•    Fuel injected
•    Additional air intakes open via a servo at 6650 RPM that shorten the intake system by nearly 100mm
•    197 horse power
•    Slipper clutch for smoother downshifts
•    137 mph top-speed limiter
•    Aluminum frame and swing-arm
•    Fully adjustable suspension
•    Brembo master cylinders front and rear
•    ABS
•    Wave-style brake rotors

Yamaha V-max Specs

Tires, Battery, and Spark Plug

Yamaha V-Max Specs

1985-2008 VMX1200

Front Tires 110x90x18

Rear Tires 150x90x15

Battery YB16AL-A2

Spark Plug DPR8EA-9

Yamaha V-Max Specs

2009-2014 VMX17

Front Tires 120x70x18

Rear Tires 200x50x18

Battery YTZ14S

Spark Plug CR9EIA-9