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The Yamaha YFZ450 has gone through it's fair share of revisions to stay competitive in the dog-eat-dog world of ATVMX. Pro-level MX riders may have switched to the fuel injected  YFZ450R when it was released in 2009, but the success of the Carbureted YFZ450 forced Yamaha to keep it in production to this day.

It's hard to imaging someone choosing a Carbureted vehicle when most ATV's are available with fuel injection. Well maybe it's not that much of a stretch since the Carb version costs $2100 less than the fuel injected model, weighs 20 lbs. less, and puts down nearly the same power with more low-end punch.

Here's a quick run-down on the path to the 2013 Yamaha YFZ450



-Yamaha introduced the YZF450 with a water-cooled 439cc 4-stroke engine that dominated ATVMX tracks across the US


-Yamaha added internal oil-lines 

-Banana pipe introduced

-Hot start level plug changed from rubber to aluminum

-Introduced Special edition for the first time





-Increased stroke to 63.4mm bringing total displacement to 649cc

-Increased radiator capacity 

-Longer steering stem, revised handlebars, and thicker padding in seat

-Replaced Steel Front Bumper and Grab Bar with Aluminum

-Changed the swing-arm to round-housing design with twin-row bearings to make adjusting the chain easier

-Twin-piston rear brake caliper

-Improved head design, carburetor, and ignition timing

-Newly designed tire 

-Longer travel rear shock

-Upgraded front suspension

-Increases tie rod diameter from 10mm to 12mm

-Added an LED taillight



-Upgraded to ProTaper aluminium handlebars

-Revised front brake master cylinder and lever

-Upgraded to Cross-Drilled rear brake disc

-Added Internal oil jet to lubricate piston 

-Updated clutch

-Upgraded shocks with high and low speed adjustment



-The YFZ450 was dropped from the line-up until it was re-released in 2012



-Angry Yamaha Loyalists demand the return of their favorite Sport ATV



-Yamaha re-introduces the YFZ450 with a few revision to keep production cost down and the sticker price affordable

-Front shocks were replaced with cheaper versions similar to those found on the Raptor 700

-LED taillight replaced with a cheaper version 

-Re-ground cam to increase bottom end and mid-range power

-Added 42mm Carburetor to increase top-end performance

The 2013 Yamaha YFZ450 is relatively unchanged from the 2012 model which help Yamaha continue to produce this competitive ATV at a cost similar to the competition's 400cc class play quads. If you want the best bang for your buck, pick up a Yamaha YFZ450 and blaze your riding buddies on the trail with out burning a hole in your wallet.



Yamaha YFZ 450 Specs

Tires, Battery, Spark Plug, Oil Filter, and Air Filter

Yamaha YFZ 450 Specs

2004-2009 YFZ 450 BB/SE/SE2/LES

Front Tires 21x7x10

Rear Tires 20x10x9

Battery YT7B-BS

Spark Plug CR8-E0000-00-00 (CR8E)

Oil Filter 5D3-13440-09-00

Air Filter 5TG-14451-00-00

Yamaha YFZ 450 Specs

2012-2013 YFZ 450 BB/BW/DB/DW

Front Tires 21x7x10

Rear Tires 20x10x9

Battery YT7B-BS

Spark Plug CR8-E0000-00-00 (CR8E)

Oil Filter 5D3-13440-09-00

Air Filter 5TG-14451-00-00